Other Devices That You Can Plug Into Your Hot Spot


A hotspot allows you to share your Internet connection with various Wi-Fi enabled devices around you. While connecting a laptop computer is the most common way to use a hotspot, there are many other devices that can connect to one. Here are some of them:


While smartphones can obviously use cellular data, many people have a data plan that includes only a few gigabytes per month. When you are at home, you can connect your smartphone to your Wi-Fi hotspot and use Internet features on it without using your mobile data plan.

Gaming Consoles

The Read the rest of this entry »

Why Students Should Invest in Hot Spots


Although you might typically think of professionals when you think about hot spots, there are a lot of reasons why students should consider investing in hot spots. The investment for one of these devices and services is typically minimal, and there are a lot of benefits that students can have once they invest in hot spots.

For instance, many students like to hang out in various places while getting their schoolwork done, but there is no guarantee that there will be wireless Internet available Read the rest of this entry »

Carrying Your Work With You – Try Hot Spots


If you want to carry your work with you, then you can go anywhere that has a hot spot. Hot spots are free and located at coffee shops, fast-food restaurants and millions of other public places. You will need a wireless device that has Internet capabilities. This includes smartphones, tablets and laptops. You connect to the hot spot by using a Wi-Fi adapter that must be located on your device. This is a convenient way to do your school work while getting out of your Read the rest of this entry »

Should Your Business Offer High Speed Internet?


High speed internet is now more affordable than ever. Because of this, small businesses such as coffee shops and restaurants have begun to offer high speed internet access to their customers. There are many benefits to offering free high speed internet to individuals who choose to visit your business.


A majority of Americans now own some type of smartphone. Because of this, consumers expect to be able to access the internet at all times, regardless of location. If your business doesn’t offer free high speed wireless internet access, your customers will go Read the rest of this entry »

Are There Hot Spots Without Contracts?


If you have been thinking about purchasing a hot spot but have decided not to because you don’t want to sign a contract, you should know that it is possible to get a prepaid hot spot that doesn’t require a contract at all, and one of these options might be perfect for you and your situation.

There are many reasons why you might not want to sign a contract for a hot spot. For instance, you might not have good credit, or Read the rest of this entry »

How Much Does a Hot Spot Cost?


If you would like to have a hot spot that you can carry around with you in order to access the Internet from anywhere and at any time, you could be wondering how much you will have to spend on one of these services. Luckily, they are relatively affordable, and they are well-worth the money because you will be able to access the Internet while you are on the go.

The cost of the initial equipment will depend on a few things. With a contract through a cell phone company or other similar provider, you can often get the equipment Read the rest of this entry »